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Episode 4: Freedom in a Box?

Lococast.net Episode 4 - Freedom in a Box?


Loco Screencast Vim 1: Splits

Lococast.net Screencasts Vim 1: Splits

Welcome to a new series for Lococast.net, screencasts. We love our tools and want to share our experiences with them. Not the beginner help stuff, but the what makes my tool super cool stuff.

In that train of thought we bring you the first screencast. This is a video on getting started with vim splits. Why are they better than tabs, how can they be used, and how can they be used to be more efficient than you were when you started?

Make sure you select to view this in 720p and in full screen if you want it to look clearer. It should be much clearer once using the higher resolution settings from YouTube.

Let us know what you think or send us an email at feedback@lococast.net.

Episode notes file: http://github.com/mitechie/Lococast-Notes/blob/master/vim_001/vim_001.splits.rst

My Vim Config: http://github.com/mitechie/pyvim

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Rick’s Rants Episode 2: Newbie Stole My Linux

Rick's Rants Episode #2: Newbie Stole My Linux

Is it just me or has the progress made in making Linux easier for the non-techies/Linux users actually made it harder to make Linux do what it was best at, molding into the great tool that fits you better than the other OSes out there? I rant on my issues getting Ubuntu to do what I want on my new Laptop and ponder if Ubuntu's outgrown me or I've outgrown it.


Episode 3: E-Read This

Lococast.net Episode 3: E-Read ThisLococast.net Episode 3 - E-Read This

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Rick’s Rants Episode 1: Help Me! Netiquitte

Rant Ep 1This is our first episode of Rick's Rants. Basically I have a reputation as willing to take on things that annoy me to no end. I tried to start these off in a short, < 10min, test episode with something that's not pure rant. So consider this another beta release. Provide feedback at feedback@lococast.net or in the comments below. Make sure to let me know if you've heard me rant at MUG or CoffeeHouseCoders and think it'd make a good one for the shotcast.

In the future I might try to bring in some guests to cover the other point or to help me cover the rant material. Let me know if you might be interested in doing a test co-host rant.

And with that I give you

Rick\'s Rants Episode #1: Help Me! Netiquitte


Episode 2: Meet Me at the App Store

Lococast.net Episode 2 - Meet Me at the App Store

Music for this Episode (available at Magnatune)
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Episode 0.1 – it’s all beta

We delve into our first episode of the podcast. Some intro, some brief discussion, and the promise to return and try again.

Lococast.net Episode 1

Show Notes:

Music for the show by Drop Trio, available at magnatune.com
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  • Invisible Pants
  • Abbey Rhodes
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Let’s fire up the mics

Fire up the mics

What happens when a couple of guys that listen to far too many podcasts start thinking out loud? Well they end of wanting to do their own podcast of course. The stuff we listen to is great and all, but it's missing a few degrees of geek. If I hear consumer tech pundits try to read into a developer announcement one more time I might just rm -rf /

So Lococast.net is our attempt to bring a taste of our infamous CoffeeHouseCoders conversations to everyone else. We think it's fun stuff and we're pretty sure there's a chunk of you guys/gals that will find it interesting too.

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