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Rick’s Rants Episode 2: Newbie Stole My Linux

Rick's Rants Episode #2: Newbie Stole My Linux

Is it just me or has the progress made in making Linux easier for the non-techies/Linux users actually made it harder to make Linux do what it was best at, molding into the great tool that fits you better than the other OSes out there? I rant on my issues getting Ubuntu to do what I want on my new Laptop and ponder if Ubuntu's outgrown me or I've outgrown it.

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  1. Nice topic!

    To the podcast, I am not sure it sounded very ranty (kind of polite), but it definitely was an improvement over the last rant.

    Now for the topic. It sounds like you’ve already come to a realization about Ubuntu and how it fits your use model. I have to say, this is a trend with Ubuntu that has been some time in the making (Gnome in general for that matter). The trend is the sacrifice of advanced power user configurability, for the benefit of the average guy.

    I’m not a super old school Linux user, but I do have some time under my belt. I began with Redhat 6, and I have been an Ubuntu user since 6.x. However, I have never been exclusive. I always run multiple distros simultaneously on my various boxes. I have noticed myself increasingly using Ubuntu less and less in favor of OpenSUSE and Gentoo.

    I really admire the work Ubuntu/Canonical are doing, but I’ve accepted that I am not their target audience. My wife fits that better. Say what you will about Gentoo, but I cannot envision that distro ever causing that kind of grief over a GDM dependency. The system is exactly what I want, with nothing extra. OpenSUSE fits my corporate Linux world testing better and that is why it’s on my work laptop. Zypper is also quite impressive and has largely fixed the RPM hell situation. I think it helps me to run multiple distos, I feel like I stay more Linux agnostic and can better appreciate the differences.

    On that note I have heard good things about Arch. I’ve been meaning to try it. It’s also been awhile since I looked at Fedora and Mandriva. It’s definitely hard to experiment with kids! I had soo much more time for this fun before the gremlins were here. Now my time is consumed by another type of fun, so I can’t complain.

  2. Yea, I have my conclusion and it’s just a matter of finding time for me to make the transition. I’ve been pretty exclusive. All the time running Ubuntu alone has taught me all the tricks and things I need to run it really well. I’ve never been able to use a RH/Suse system for longer than a weekend without pulling my hair out.

    Thanks for the awesome feedback and now to start my notes for my next rant.

  3. I have always declared myself “platform agnostic”. After all, web dev just takes a nice text editor and a web browser, and you get that in any system.

    I have one need, and one desire out of an OS. The need: work, without fuss. The desire: work fast.

    I think openSUSE, Ubuntu/Mint, Mandriva/PCLinuxOS, have all made great strides in this. I happen to prefer gnome, so I use Ubuntu. Using openSUSE at work has proven very stable, and it’s easy to see the contrast in security between Ubuntu and openSUSE, but Ubuntu still has the speed.

    I’m still undecided on the future. I like the fact that Ubuntu runs faster, updates more often, and how I don’t have to change repositories to run the latest version of FF. But someday I may want to grow up….

    • Well, even a web dev cares. I mean you still need to worry about how your server is setup, if it has packages for your web environment. It was great that I could try out cherokee web server with uwsgi for a really fast web server environment for my python web apps. Not all distros have a packaged setup for that.

  4. True, but you could have pretty easily setup apache with python, a more common server enviro. Jus’ saying.

    Noticed that one thing Ubuntu hasn’t made simple is subscribing to a podcast. Woulda been cool to click on “subscribe with iTunes” and have it load into Rhythymbox. Still don’t know if I’m subscribed or not. Not generally a Rhythymbox (or iTunes) user. I like the radio.

    Interesting enough rant episode, might try the first one.

  5. See, I don’t think that the power users have been left in the cold by Ubuntu. I think what folks are having a problem with is the stuff that automagically gets set for them when they install and start a new Ubuntu instance. So, it’s a balance between the stuff that we’ve had to learn over the years vs. things just magically showing up and working properly. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I’m happy that things “just work” now. granted, when things don’t just work, I get a bit cranky, however, I’m overall pretty satisfied with Ubuntu and the direction it’s taking. Now, when they remove all of the things that I particularly care about, then we’ll talk. 🙂

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