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Loco Screencast Vim 1: Splits

Lococast.net Screencasts Vim 1: Splits

Welcome to a new series for Lococast.net, screencasts. We love our tools and want to share our experiences with them. Not the beginner help stuff, but the what makes my tool super cool stuff.

In that train of thought we bring you the first screencast. This is a video on getting started with vim splits. Why are they better than tabs, how can they be used, and how can they be used to be more efficient than you were when you started?

Make sure you select to view this in 720p and in full screen if you want it to look clearer. It should be much clearer once using the higher resolution settings from YouTube.

Let us know what you think or send us an email at feedback@lococast.net.

Episode notes file: http://github.com/mitechie/Lococast-Notes/blob/master/vim_001/vim_001.splits.rst

My Vim Config: http://github.com/mitechie/pyvim

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  1. mitechie I appreciate the podcasts and screencasts. I’ve enjoyed the podcast and would like the screencast to be a bit more portable. Would it be possible to use blip.tv or make them available for subscription? If this is already available then please disregard.

    • It’s not currently on blip.tv. I’m new to the video game, what’s the advantages of blip over just youtube? Thanks for the additional details.

    • Well I decided to check out blip.tv and created an account and uploaded the video:

      I’m not sure if I’ll keep it up yet, but will see. Nice that it can send to youtube as well.

      • blip.tv allows me to easily download a .flv or .mp4 file. I listen to podcasts on my ipod touch. Rarely do I sit down to watch a video on the computer. Is there a way to download a youtube video without installing dubious software?

        • The iPod touch comes with a youtube app which allows you to access your account such as favorites. I’d assumed people would just use the app to watch videos on i* devices.

          I did notice the audio was better on blip.tv (from the same raw .mp4 file) so I appreciate the hint/tip and I’ll probably try out blip.tv with it’s auto posting to youtube feature.

  2. Thanks for making it available on blip.tv! I’ll download it tonight.

  3. one of the things that bug me about splits in vim is that they don’t keep their size it seems. open two splits and change the width of one with C-w-<. when you then open something like nerdtree or command-t, the windows get resized to squeeze the new window.
    if you close nerdtree, the windows get resized to the default size of a window (so that each window has the same size).
    any idea how to prevent that?

  4. I’ve run into this as well. Best I’ve found is to use CTRL-= to make the screens equal, but perhaps someone else can come up with a way to make this work better. I’m all ears. 🙂