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Episode 0.1 – it’s all beta

We delve into our first episode of the podcast. Some intro, some brief discussion, and the promise to return and try again.

Lococast.net Episode 1

Show Notes:

Music for the show by Drop Trio, available at magnatune.com
  • l.u.g.
  • Invisible Pants
  • Abbey Rhodes
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  1. I promise we’ll learn to add the word “Michigan” between “Ubuntu” and “Loco”.

  2. Great job. When will it move out of beta?

    • Thanks! The beta tag was just for the first show. Although maybe we’ll pull a google and leave it on for the first few years until we get good at this thing.

  3. It sounded like you’ve been doing the show for years, well done

  4. finally a technical show that has some relevance and isn’t mired in tangents. The sound quality is really nice.

  5. Haven’t listened yet, but the comments seem promising. I always get the “I should start a podcast itch after listening to some of the crap ones”. Fortunately for everyone’s ears I think better of it. This has me thinking I should restart my blog though…

    Good work, I’ve emailed PodKast to ask them to add your show to their Android App listing.

  6. “Stack Overflow” – How does that sound like a way for a user to get answers about ubuntu? Maybe get some experts on fixya, yahoo answers – someplace where new users might look for answers?

    I post all the answers that I come up with on my blog, just because I get tired of looking through a bunch of bad answers, without an “accepted answer”, or a sticky post.

  7. Btw, nice job, and congratulations on your first podcast.

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