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Loco Screencast Vim 3: Powerful Buffer

We go over what a buffer is in Vim, how it differs from a window, and how we
can use windows with buffers to work on our files much faster than we can with

Commands we talk about

  • :buffers
  • :buffer 2
  • :buffer 3
  • :b 2
  • :buffers
  • :sb 4
  • :bnext :bn
  • :bprevious :bp
  • :ball

Links and plugins

Let us know what you think by providing feedback in the video source or
emailing us at feedback@lococast.net

Also available on YouTube

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  1. Can you add the vim tag for this post? Thanks you

    • Added, so sorry for missing that. Also sorry for the delay, completely missed I was getting new comments. Need to find that email setting.

  2. Try FuzzyFinder it has “popup” for buffers you can filter through!
    Very useful!

    Thanks for the great screencasts!

    • I tried FuzzyFinder once a long time ago. I should check it out again, but I really didn’t care for it as much. Thanks for the note!

  3. Thanks for the cool video. I wanted to let you guys know that we have started updating MiniBufExpl recently to add a few awesome features. You can find it here:


  4. I might have missed it in the video but :b [tab] or :b fn[tab] where fn is the first one or two characters of a filename works to cycle through all buffers or the buffers with those starting characters. It is simple yet robust enough to be sufficient for all my buffer switching.

  5. It looks like you are using my key-mon program (http://code.google.com/p/key-mon). That’s great!

    There’s a parameter that I made thinking about vim a while back, called “–old-keys N” (where N is the number of additional keys that will be shown). The idea that with –old-keys 3 you could see “Y Y P” for yank line, pop. Instead of seeing the keys one-at-a-time. Perhaps you knew about it and your viewers found it confusing? I’d love some feedback.

    Also, why don’t I link back to your podcast? You can send me the info you want posted here:

    • Yes! I do use key-mon and it’s been really great for these. I wasn’t aware of the –old-keys setting and I’ve not tried it. I’ve actually not gotten any feedback on the key-mon being either good/bad. I’ll have to check it out and see how it works. Initially I’d worry about it keeping up/not showing bad combos.

      Thanks for the great tool and hope it’s showing off ok here.

  6. Sorry if it’s already been said, but what’s the software you’re using for recording the screencast? Thanks!

  7. video is broken. plugin not supported

    • It looks like blip.tv no longer exists. It looks like this particular video is available via Youtube so I’d recommend checking it out there. We’ll try to get them back up in some fashion.

      Thanks for watching and for letting us know of the issue!

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