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Loco Screencast Vim 4: Visual Mode

Vim provides some great tools for performing text operations on highlighted or selected blocks of text. Check out this video for a demonstration on how to use visual mode along with the column visual mode to really speed up how you do things in Vim.

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  1. Nice stuff, Rick. I like ’em alot!

    (Oh, and BTW, “s/\n/);\r/” is much sexier as “s/$/);/” — now that’s hot :D)

  2. This screencast ist nice! Another way to add “);” to the end is:


  3. Rick – thank you.

    I’ve been contemplating getting an IDE (Eclipse?) to help with some advanced coding, but I can tell that Vim is where the power is. Derek Wyatt and you are two refreshing “teachers” with regards to programming in general and Vim in particular. Clearly, one of the biggest problems in the world of programming is the lack of clear, succinct and “happy” people who enjoy the complexity of software programming. Thank you.

  4. Nice little screencast. A couple of things that I would have added:

    – The use of Visual Change, which allows easy modification of the visually selected area. Yet another feature you don’t see in other editors. Simply use ‘o’ and ‘O’ to jump to either end of your selection.

    – ‘b’ and ‘B’ are synonyms for ‘(‘ and ‘{‘ respectively. So if you wanted to select everything inside parentheses you could do ‘vib’ instead of ‘vi(‘. It’s a little faster 😉

    – Selecting, yanking and deleting also work with words/sentences. So ‘vis’ would select the current sentence, ‘viw’ selects the current word, etc.


  5. Hey man, thanks for the screencast. I am just beginning to learn Vim/Gvim, and I’m actually forcing myself to use it for all my daily work now. It’s the tips and functionality that you highlight(pardon the pun) in your screencast, that makes me think getting on the steep learning curve of Vim is worthwhile.

    • Awesome, good luck on the journey. I know it took me a full year before I felt like I was fully converted, but now I just can’t imagine using anything else.

  6. I’m a vim newb. Just want to say thanks for your screencast. Very well done. Please continue making time to teach and help others, you’re very good at it. Cheers.

  7. I never knew you could do those things at all in visual mode. I’ve only ever “noticed” visual mode when I used the mouse with vim.

    And now I can do visual mode with a keyboard? How bloody incredible is that!

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