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Episode 8: Sleepytime Show

Lococast.net Episode 8 - Sleepytime Show


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    1. Thank you for another great show!

      My comment is regarding the Nook…

      The Nook is a good device, and I agree with you about the whole color thing. It’s basically an Android tablet without the hotness of Android. And that makes me sad.

      But, the awesome part of the Nook is the fact that I have access to the B&N store, their “free Fridays”, and the fact that I can side load stuff to it. I’ve been using it for more of my own books (through project gutenburg, really) and other ebooks I’ve gotten. Paired with Calibre, it makes for a powerful portable reading device.


    2. Yeah, I do have to say that the Nook has quite a community building around it in the B&N Stores. One time JoDee and I were at a B&N, and we caught the tail-end of a Nook customer event. They had cake, and a pretty good turn-out of folks looking to get the most out of the device. It looked for all the world like a users group from the outside. Pretty cool stuff for those getting into the eBook market.

      And yes, Calibre is pretty awesome. 🙂

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