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Lococast: Submit your Unity questions here!

We need your help. Craig and I have spoken our concerns about what Unity means to the future of Ubuntu. Thursday March 24th, we'll be interviewing Jason Smith of Canonical who works on the Unity team. We'd like to know what you'd ask him if you got a chance.

  • How close are things to planned functionality for Natty?
  • What kind of testing is going on behind the scenes?
  • What types of users is Canonical targeting as the average Unity user?

Let us know what you'd like us to ask. Submit your question here in the comments or email the question to feedback@lococast.net


Thanks for your help!

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  1. The biggest question is why weren’t we as a community consulted about this massive change? (A question that could be asked about much of Shuttleworth’s/Canonical’s recent decisions.)

    Although, we already know the answer, because the community wouldn’t have agreed with them and Canonical couldn’t defend them in a fair debate. So they just announced them with no discussion.

    After five years of Ubuntu use and support I don’t want to be treated like this. Debian is easy to install now, so for the moment at least I have said so long to Ubuntu.

  2. Thank you for your question, and statement. I’m glad you got a good five years out of Ubuntu before switching.

  3. My only question is: How can I clean my system completely from any trace of that obscure and unuseable touchscreen-netbook MAC clone Unity GUI and reestablish the old Gnome 2 panels? If this is not possible it’s bye bye Ubuntu, hello Linux Mint XCFE for me.

  4. What is the ultimate Goal of Unity?
    Since the split with gnome on the issue of a shell will Ubuntu be trying to create a fork from gnome and create a whole new DE?

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