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Episode 2: Meet Me at the App Store

Lococast.net Episode 2 - Meet Me at the App Store

Music for this Episode (available at Magnatune)
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  1. I had to comment, mostly because you asked for more comments in the podcast.

    A few things about the app store(s);

    1.) I think it’s the right move for Windows, and I would love to see Ubuntu and other distros with this. Ubuntu almost has it now, but I think it should have a better feedback loop to developers and a pay stream would be beautiful!

    2.) I think not only are people less uncomfortable without the CD and Box of software, but I think it is far better. Look at Steam games. I love Steam games, I can install the copy I bought once anywhere I’m at, and I never have to remember the CD Key and it doesn’t matter that my dog at the installation media.

    3.) I suspect Apple will push the App Store concept to OSX (if they’re not already working on killing OSX for iOS (eww)). It really is much easier then googling about what software is out there on the internet. It makes increasing sense.

    4.) I hate some of the moderating in it though. It’s important to have a benevolent dictator in charge preventing crap in the store, but also not restricting apps that are a conflict of interest to Apple/Google/Canonical/others.

    Nice podcast, I hope you keep it up. I’m less interested in the book portion, but maybe others are into that. I’d probably be more interested in knowing what blogs/online content you’re looking at.

    • Thanks a ton for the great feedback. Craig and I are big book nuts and always comparing what things we’re into so it was natural to bring into the podcast. In today’s world though, we might be in the minority. We’ll keep an eye on the feedback and see if we need to burn that section.

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