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Episode 0.1 – it’s all beta

We delve into our first episode of the podcast. Some intro, some brief discussion, and the promise to return and try again.

Lococast.net Episode 1

Show Notes:

Music for the show by Drop Trio, available at magnatune.com
  • l.u.g.
  • Invisible Pants
  • Abbey Rhodes
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Let’s fire up the mics

Fire up the mics

What happens when a couple of guys that listen to far too many podcasts start thinking out loud? Well they end of wanting to do their own podcast of course. The stuff we listen to is great and all, but it's missing a few degrees of geek. If I hear consumer tech pundits try to read into a developer announcement one more time I might just rm -rf /

So Lococast.net is our attempt to bring a taste of our infamous CoffeeHouseCoders conversations to everyone else. We think it's fun stuff and we're pretty sure there's a chunk of you guys/gals that will find it interesting too.