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Rick’s Rants Episode 2: Newbie Stole My Linux

Rick's Rants Episode #2: Newbie Stole My Linux

Is it just me or has the progress made in making Linux easier for the non-techies/Linux users actually made it harder to make Linux do what it was best at, molding into the great tool that fits you better than the other OSes out there? I rant on my issues getting Ubuntu to do what I want on my new Laptop and ponder if Ubuntu's outgrown me or I've outgrown it.


Episode 3: E-Read This

Lococast.net Episode 3: E-Read ThisLococast.net Episode 3 - E-Read This

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Rick’s Rants Episode 1: Help Me! Netiquitte

Rant Ep 1This is our first episode of Rick's Rants. Basically I have a reputation as willing to take on things that annoy me to no end. I tried to start these off in a short, < 10min, test episode with something that's not pure rant. So consider this another beta release. Provide feedback at feedback@lococast.net or in the comments below. Make sure to let me know if you've heard me rant at MUG or CoffeeHouseCoders and think it'd make a good one for the shotcast.

In the future I might try to bring in some guests to cover the other point or to help me cover the rant material. Let me know if you might be interested in doing a test co-host rant.

And with that I give you

Rick\'s Rants Episode #1: Help Me! Netiquitte


Episode 2: Meet Me at the App Store

Lococast.net Episode 2 - Meet Me at the App Store

Music for this Episode (available at Magnatune)
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