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Rick’s Rants Episode 3: We’re Here Because it Rocks

Rick's Rants Episode #3: We're Here Because it Rocks

A recent post from Roberto about "Why we are here" got me thinking...do people use OSS because it's free, or do they really just use the best tool for the job. How many people feel the need to preach/convert other users out there? I've paid for commercial software I thought was better, even software for Linux. I don't take the freedom angle too deeply, but I do appreciate any software tool that can make my life easier/better, and hey, if it's open/free then all the better. I'm using the stuff I do because I firmly believe it's the best stuff out there.

Let us know, why are you here? Did you come for the free and stick around for the freedom? Or is it just giving what you're handed, what you can get for no cost?

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Episode 6: Ohio Linuxfest Recap/Interviews

Lococast.net Episode 6 - Ohio Linuxfest Recap/Interviews


Loco Screencast Vim 3: Powerful Buffer

We go over what a buffer is in Vim, how it differs from a window, and how we
can use windows with buffers to work on our files much faster than we can with

Commands we talk about

  • :buffers
  • :buffer 2
  • :buffer 3
  • :b 2
  • :buffers
  • :sb 4
  • :bnext :bn
  • :bprevious :bp
  • :ball

Links and plugins

Let us know what you think by providing feedback in the video source or
emailing us at feedback@lococast.net

Also available on YouTube

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