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Episode 22: Welcome 2012, times are a changing


Episode 22: Welcome to 2012, times
are a changing.

Disclaimer Yes, I had my mic backwards for the whole show. I apologize for the quality of my voice in here.


Lococast.net Episode 21: OLF recap and there will be rants!

Episode 21: OLF recap and there will be


Lococast Episode 15: Interview with Jason Smith about Unity

Lococast.net Episode 15 - Interview Jason Smith about Unity


Lococast: Submit your Unity questions here!

We need your help. Craig and I have spoken our concerns about what Unity means to the future of Ubuntu. Thursday March 24th, we'll be interviewing Jason Smith of Canonical who works on the Unity team. We'd like to know what you'd ask him if you got a chance.

  • How close are things to planned functionality for Natty?
  • What kind of testing is going on behind the scenes?
  • What types of users is Canonical targeting as the average Unity user?

Let us know what you'd like us to ask. Submit your question here in the comments or email the question to feedback@lococast.net


Thanks for your help!


Pycon 2011 Sprints Interview: Michael Foord, Canonical, IronPython, and Python Mocking



Pycon 2011 Sprints Interview: Michael Foord, Canonical, OS Split Personality, and Mocking

In our last in the series of interview from PyCon 2011, Lococast sits down with Michael Foord and talk about some of the cool things he's working on at Canonical, how the new version of his Python mocking library Mock is doing, and a little bit about what's going on with IronPython in a post-Microsoft sanctioned project era.