Lococast invading Ohio Linuxfest September 9-11

Aug 19 2011

Lococast takes to the road!

Ohio Linuxfest here we come!

We're all signed up and ready to go. Lococast will be doing on location recording at Ohio Linuxfest again this year. Only this time, we're officially a sponsor and getting a nice shiny table in the main area to setup at. So we'll be working on getting some great clips of some of the great speakers and attendees of the conference.

The official conference is September 9-11. Friday has an array of events you can get involved with. The main thrust of the conference is on Saturday followed by a diversity workshop and LPI exames on Sunday. We'll be down there from some time Friday through Saturday and heading back Sunday.

Why should I go?

Did I mention this little open source conference holds over one thousand people?! Yep, it's a gathering alright. Did I mention there are four tracks and an Open Source Solutions stage? We like to call that, the content. Did I also mention that we're going to be there? You should just go.

But it's too late to go...

Nonsense, I actually just got my hotel room this very day. There's still time to get a reservation, and get your butt to Columbus.

Rick, it's got to be expensive to go then, surely!

Hogwash, if you register now, there's no cost to attend. However, if you're super awesome (and all Lococast listeners are of course) there's a supporter package for \$65. You get fed and a t-shirt as part of that bundle. How could you go wrong?

I'm still not convinced Rick...

Then go check out the show we did last year. Oh that's right, we sat down with the president of System 76. How awesome is that!

Lococast.net Episode 18 - Passwords, hashes, and Google+ oh my!

Jul 02 2011
Hashing the passwords

Lococast.net Episode 18 - Passwords, hashes, and Google+ oh my!


    - [Around the Oak by Drakum from Around the Oak](http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/90152) - [Sweet Mary by Moray Eel from Priest Hunter](http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/91599) - [Bye Baby by Patrulha66 from Revolution](http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/40514) - [Deteriorate to Gain by The Apocryphal Order from The Apocryphal Order](http://www.jamendo.com/en/album/88893) - [Bruises (Do It Wrong) by Unwoman from Unremembered](http://unwoman.bandcamp.com)

Episode 6: Ohio Linuxfest Recap/Interviews

Sep 17 2010

Lococast.net Episode 6 - Ohio Linuxfest Recap/Interviews

Episode 5: Everyone to Ohio

Aug 27 2010

Lococast.net Episode 5 - Everyone to Ohio