Rick’s Rant Ep 6: Something for the builders out there

Mar 07 2011

Rick's Rants Episode #6: Something for the builders

With all this focus on making desktop linux something for the mass market, is there a chance that we end up removing the great things that drew us to the platform as users/developers? Is it possible to have a product that wins with the mass market as well as the people that there building and developing things? Listen/watch the rant and let me know what you think. Do we need something different for Ubuntu users? What would an "Ubuntu Developer Edition" look like in your mind?

Rick's Rant Ep 5: If you love it, put a ring on it

Feb 20 2011
Money money money

Rick's Rants Episode #5: If you love it, put a ring on it

I keep seeing people that don't get that you can mix money and FLOSS. In fact, if you appreciate the work that these great people creating amazing tools and programs at all, \$\$ will of course get involved. Time to rant on these people that don't get it and a personal challenge from me to you. Put \$5 up for grabs every month, come on, I double dog dare ya!

Rick’s Rants Episode 3: We're Here Because it Rocks

Sep 24 2010

Rick's Rants Episode #3: We're Here Because it Rocks

A recent post from Roberto about "Why we are here" got me thinking...do people use OSS because it's free, or do they really just use the best tool for the job. How many people feel the need to preach/convert other users out there? I've paid for commercial software I thought was better, even software for Linux. I don't take the freedom angle too deeply, but I do appreciate any software tool that can make my life easier/better, and hey, if it's open/free then all the better. I'm using the stuff I do because I firmly believe it's the best stuff out there.

Let us know, why are you here? Did you come for the free and stick around for the freedom? Or is it just giving what you're handed, what you can get for no cost?

Episode 3: E-Read This

Jul 19 2010

Lococast.net Episode 3: E-Read This

Lococast.net Episode 3 - E-Read This

Episode 2: Meet Me at the App Store

Jul 06 2010

Lococast.net Episode 2 - Meet Me at the App Store

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