Lococast.net Screencasts Vim 1: Splits

Welcome to a new series for Lococast.net, screencasts. We love our tools and want to share our experiences with them. Not the beginner help stuff, but the what makes my tool super cool stuff.

In that train of thought we bring you the first screencast. This is a video on getting started with vim splits. Why are they better than tabs, how can they be used, and how can they be used to be more efficient than you were when you started?

Make sure you select to view this in 720p and in full screen if you want it to look clearer. It should be much clearer once using the higher resolution settings from YouTube.

Let us know what you think or send us an email at feedback@lococast.net.

Episode notes file: http://github.com/mitechie/Lococast-Notes/blob/master/vim_001/vim_001.splits.rst

My Vim Config: http://github.com/mitechie/pyvim