There are lots of great podcasts about technology out there, but they're generally done by folks that aren't deep down in the trenches, dealing with technology first-hand. Rick Harding and Craig Maloney both understand technology, and boy do they have some opinions about it. Join them for the Lococast podcast as they debate, dissect, and dismantle the current tech issues of the day, all with a local Ubuntu flair. They may not agree on all of the issues, but they definitely have opinions.

And when Rick just needs to get something off his chest, look out for Rick's Rants podcast.

Rick's favorite editor by far is Vim. His mastery of Vim is a borderline martial art. Join Rick for his Vim Screencastas he shows you how to make the most of Vim, with tips, tricks, and katas that will have you slicing and dicing your text files with ease.